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is leveling in a party faster than on your own in MMORPGs?

I think in some MMORPGs it goes without saying that this is the case. Because a lot of the time when you're in a party, the party gains an exp bonus for every player in the party. Sometimes when a healer and a tank are in a party they can take on significantly more powerful monsters than they would on their own, thus giving them more than double the normal exp in the party they would get on their own.

Also some MMORPGs such as Flyff have party levels, meaning players can increase the level of the party by gaining experience through killing monsters. After reaching a certain level the party gains various exp boosts and buffs that effect all of the party members.

leveling party MMORPGLarger parties definitely have their advantages too, because you can have specialised classes to assume various roles. For example Warriors or Paladins usually assume the role of tank, in order to hold monsters at bay, While a Wizard or any other AOE damage class focuses on inflicting as much damage as possible to multiple enemies, A healer class focuses on healing everybody and finally a buffer class would buff everybody, increasing their damage, health and defence.

In some Cases parties could have a class that can debuff monsters in order to kill them more quickly and reduce their damage so there's less stress on the tank and the healer.

Of course there are some MMORPGs that don't really offer anything great from parties, all you really get is shared experience. And the reason why this isn't always a great idea is because sometimes you might have someone who is a lot slower at killing monsters, or they might be slacking off. Therefore you could potentially level a lot faster on your own rather than being in a party.

Chances of getting rare loot drops in MMORPGs

I guess this really depends on what type of MMORPG we're talking about. In some MMORPGs its hard to even get any loot from monsters, while in others nearly every time you kill a monster you get loot. Although usually that loot doesn't contain anything that could be considered rare. In fact a lot of the time the loot you collect is basic items or ingredients.

In some MMORPGs to get a really rare weapon or a rare piece of armour the chances can be as low as 0.01% or sometimes even less. But of course that's why it is considered rare. Some rare items can only be obtained by killing rare monsters or monsters that are high level or considered boss rank. Hence why the more rare an item is, the more valuable it is.

Certain items that are discontinued are considered the most rare in some MMORPGs. Simply because of the fact that you cannot get those items anymore, and as the amount of players increases and time goes by, those items reach unrealistic prices (such as party hats on runescape which are possibly worth more than the gold limit on the MMO itself).

Some MMORPGs even allow players to collect items that increase the chances of rare item drops. I suppose that's one way of giving people a chance of getting something rare they really want. But this sort of demeans the value of the rare items, since they become less rare due to the increased chance of obtaining them.

Communities within MMORPGs

Although usually there are a lot of different communities on social MMOS, MMORPGs have their own communities as well. Usually MMORGPs have several different types of communities, but this varies depending on how popular the MMORPGs is. Here is a list of the most common types of communities you will come across when playing most MMORPGs:

Elitists: Elitists are usually a frowned upon community, simply because they are very cocky and consider themselves better than others because they take MMORPGs more seriously than most and spend more time learning everything about the MMORPG.

New players: Obviously you will come across a lot of new player communities. A lot of which are seeking for help from more experienced players, while others mind their own business and try to get through the MMORPG by themselves.

Social Players: These communities usually consist of people who don't really play the MMORPG too often and rather focus on the social aspects of the MMORPG, rather than levelling or learning different types of rotations.

Equipment Sets in MMORPGs

Armour and Weapons In MMORPGs tend to give extra stats such as + Strength or + Stamina. And although this type of equipment is considered really good, in some MMORPGs there is a type of equipment that is considered to be even better. The type of equipment I am referring to is Sets, these are usually gloves, boots, Leggings, Armour, Hats etc.. that are part of the same set.

The reason why these set items are considered better than others is because usually in MMORPGs you get an extra stat boost or improved skills for collecting parts of these sets. Because of the stat boost obtained from sets, set items are superior to most, if not all other types of equipment in MMORPGs.

In Most MMORPGs set items are considered rare drops, and can be sold for quite a lot to other players. Because for each part of the set that you collect, you get an extra boost or skill improvement. And once you collect all parts of the set you get all of the extra bonuses that come with it. Not only that but set equipment tends to look better when its all part of the same set.

Stat builds in MMORPGs

Stat builds are another great way for players to get creative with their classes. Nearly every MMORPG has stat builds, which play a vital role in nearly every MMORPG. The purpose of stats is to improve a certain aspect of your class, and almost every class benefits from different stats more than others.

For example a Magician's most beneficial stat is Intelligence, while an Archer's main stat is Dexterity. Now obviously some players could just focus on that one main stat, which is usually considered a pure class. But this has its own disadvantages, such as lack of health, low mana pool etc... But in some cases its not really the best thing to have a perfectly balanced class either.

Therefore a lot of people create what they consider perfect builds. These builds are based on the skills and equipment available to a certain class, and whatever those skills and equipment provide, the stats are often used to make up for any shortcomings. For example certain armour could have low health but really high damage, therefore players could probably focus on increasing their Health stat.

Of course it purely depends on what the player is aiming for, because a lot of the time there are different stat builds for different situations, such as Tank builds, solo builds, PVP builds, AOE builds, support builds and tons more depending on the MMORPG. Of course players don't always need to follow stat build guides and can make up their own builds that are more suited for them.